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Do I Need a Traffic Control Plan

Do you need a Traffic Control Plan ?

Most local jurisdictions require permits to work in an area or close off portions of the public right-of-way. Typically to receive a permit you are required to submit a traffic control plan with your permit application demonstrating local and federal standards can be met. When closing portions of the public right-of-way safety is key. Having a professionally made plan will make your life easier when setting up a work zone or event. The following are a few examples of when you may need a traffic control plan:

  • Utility Work

  • Excavation

  • Flagging

  • Community Events

  • Sidewalk Closure

  • Lane Closure 

  • Road Closure

  • Block Parties

  • Street Fairs

  • Parades

  • Races

Guaranteed Traffic Control Plans

I guarantee approval of all plans I design by the reviewing jurisdiction in the permitting process. If revisions to the traffic control plan are required after initial review they are typically taken care of within 24-48 hours. Simple revisions required by reviewing agencies are included after payment is received. Traffic control plans will be designed in conformance with State Laws and the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (M.U.T.C.D). All plans are created using RapidPlan by Invarion. Traffic control plans are unique depending on the location, whether you need a sidewalk closure, lane closure, or road closure plan. 

Click the gallery link below to see plans created for contractors in the past.

Example TCPs
Rates & Request Forms

Rates & Request Form

$175 per Plan Sheet typical*

$75 for subsequent sheets required for larger plans.


*Most plans can fit on one 11 x 17 pdf

*Rush orders with less than 72 hours notice may cost more.

*Complex plans may cost more based on time.

*Revisions completed after payment received


Please fill out request form (Click link below) and email directly to

About Me


Jeremy Finkle, PE

I am a registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) in the state of Oregon (#86014PE) and have been working in the field of traffic engineering with the City of Portland for over 10 years. With my experience in traffic control design & operations, my consulting business focuses on creating traffic control plans for contractors, developers, and the general public who are looking to safely close portions of the right-of-way to complete their tasks.

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Please email me with any questions or requests. If requesting a plan please provide as many details of your job as possible (i.e. address, site plan, type of closure necessary, etc.)

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